On writing: Why humans are still better than bots

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Chatbots, like ChatGPT (developed by Open AI and launched in November 2022) are equipped with language-based models fine-tuned for human interaction. Despite making a big splash, they are not simple swaps for human writers who keep their fingers on the proverbial pulse of what makes readers dive in and take note. (Image courtesy of Andrea De Santis for Unsplash)

At its most basic level, content creation requires researching facts, organizing information and producing clean copy – of which chatbots are more than capable. But does a writer’s job end there?

Creating compelling copy hinges on feelings and emotions (which bots can describe but not evoke).

While chatbots are notoriously polite, cheerful and reliant upon feedback to learn and improve, their inability to question, explore and synthesize makes them little more than automatons (not unlike the British bloke narrating your GPS which – while at first entertaining – quickly becomes a bore).

Keen on engaging readers? Queue up the [human] writers.

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– Hannah Van Sickle, The PR Power Poll 100