Leading with intention

Need a reset? Don’t wait for your internal battery to reach “low power” mode. Schedule regular downtime to ensure your battery remains charged and ready to go for the long run. (Image courtesy of jeffarnold.com)

With summer vacation in the rear-view mirror, I’ve been reflecting on the power recharging my battery has on creating a positive work environment – for myself and the many teams I lead.

So much of my role these days (no matter where I’m involved) lies in keeping the energy levels high and helping folks maintain focus.

From the soccer clubhouse to any of the companies I run, teammates have questions they want answered and problems they need solved. As for my job? I’m not the chief problem-solver, I’m the chief asker-of-questions – and regular downtime invigorates me to keep thinking this way.

– Jeff ArnoldRIGHTSURE, The Arizona 100